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Lora and her daughterA great rarity is a couturier that can remain true to a personal vision while carrying on a business - Lora Dukler is such a couturier, one who refuses the idea of making clothes to fit an imaginary "Everyone " and chooses instead to focus on creating made-to-measure garments for a select and extremely appreciative clientele, designing and fitting to an actual client.

With over 20 years experience in Europe and 14 years in the United States, Lora Dukler is the founder and president of the family-operated company Lora Dukler Couture - a unique blend of haute couture and practical solutions to wardrobe challenges, where proud heritage and bold perspective are the key ingredients.

Lora is faithful to the old method of marking pattern directly on a fabric from her clients' measurements. She cuts, pins and bastes garments herself, then passes them to their staff. She takes great pride in the fact that her clients frequently find Lora on her knees, scrutinizing over the last detail of the garment.

Says Lora