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The entire process from design to final fitting takes about a month - usually several appointments, each about half an hour to an hour long and about a week apart.

During first appointment, through reviewing sample yardage and swatches, based on functionality, your personal color palette and pattern scale we select fabrics for the outfit. The client's measurements are written down, detailed notes about the client's physique are taken, design sketches are drawn, and invoices and fit schedules are made. Studio

Alteration processWhile the client goes home to dream about shoes and accessories to wear the outfit with or occasions to, we begin getting everything ready for our first fitting - fabrics, finest threads, linings and interlinings, shoulder pads, zippers, samples of buttons and trims, etc. Once everything is purchased and delivered, we begin working the magic of our craft, which has been passed on to us from generation to generation and took decades to master.

For the first fitting, the client will try on a "frame", which is a basic body - that is to make sure the correct balance of the overall fit and style lines are nailed. We will once again aaaaaareview construction details based on the style, fabrication, and the client's body shape and proportions. We'll also, review the details of finishing touches such as decorative trim, stitching, embroidery, buttons and accessories. fabrics swatches

We engineer silhouettes of pattern pieces directly on the fabric yardage, matching the design of a print and the texture of a weave to compliment style lines and utilizing abilities of natural drape that is so unique to each fabric, achieving the desired effect of hugging a client's body and not confining it. Since, all the garments are assembled on premiases it gives Alteration process detailsus full control of determining best sewing techniques specific to design details, fabrics and construction on case by case basis, and ability to closely supervise, thus insures an impeccable quality.

For the second fitting, bring a few pares of shoes to test a variety of hill heights and arch slope to finalize the length. At this point about 90% of the outfit is done and clients are able to get a sneak preview of how fabulous they'll look and feel in it. This is an opportunity to test it for comfort, make final fit adjustments and fine-tune design details. One more fitting before the client takes the outfit home and it is ready - wear it and enjoy.